Security for your emails and accounts!

Security for your emails and accounts!
Published in : 16 Jul 2023

Security for your emails and accounts!

For this world, there is lots of unidentified and anonymous persons who stole our secret identity. Thats why in this process we should have more security for our accounts and emails. For example milions people using Facebook accounts, Instagram or some social media with their account.

Anyway, social media accounts are our almost ID cards. It is basicaly meaning, if your accounts are hacked, your all secret personality identity are hacked. For example, you using Facebook, there is so much pictures about you and your family. Even your number, adress ect. But you are using that social media with so confortable. Big mistaken! Because last year almost 3 milion social media accounts are hacked by some hacker group.


facebook sahte profil

Even so people are still using without any security without any notification about that.

What we should if we want our security about them !

Well, first of the all you should verify your all of accounts with a phone numbers (not a fake) and your real mail adress. Step by step you must to do all of endorse about your social media account and something like that. And also their security system are so hard so diffucult. So if you search and if you follow how to use facebook or others we all see that milion security things are there! For example if you dont want any hacking your Facebook account, you should try notifications. While others using your Facebook account you will get one security code to your mobile number. If you wont write this code to Facebook page you wont login on it.

Basically if you would like to use and read all of how to use things, you must see their rules and interesting things.

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